About Us


Photo taken in Aquiares Estate

KIM House Roaster since in 2020

When we were exposed to specialty coffee in the early years, became interested in its flavor, story, knowledge and changeable.

As 2018, we are first touched with coffee roasting, we were fascinated and madness. Because the roasting concept and theory similar with traditional black and white photography. Cause we are lover of traditional black and white photography.

During this period, we are fortunate to meet some friends in the Hong Kong industry, which are not only increased the knowledge of coffee, also enhanced mutual friendship.

Along the way, our goals, vision and philosophy be clearer; direct trade, sustainable development, attention to climate change and coffee farmers.

Taster feel value and producers get the reward of deserves.


Find value and become more valuable!


Founder of KIM House Roaster – Mr. BanWONG