Centroamericano Flower Cultural

  • Weight: 0.18KG
  • Reference: AQ-01-23-2215
Weight: 180g
Roast Grade: Medium light
Brewing Suggestion -
Medium grind/Medium Coares, pour over
  • Water temperature: 91c / 94C
  • Dose ratio: 1 : 16
  • Total injection volume: 240ml
  • Flow speed rate: 2m 15s / 2m 45s around
  • After blooming, three injections (40%,30%,30%)/(30%, 25%, 25%, 20%) by V60 V-01
Remark: The price has been including $10 packing fee
for @ecodoer .The coffee beans will gradually reach
their optimal state starting from the 10th day after
the roasting date and will begin to decline slowly
from the 45th day. We encourage everyone to make
good use of the concept of extraction and apply it flexibly.

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Origin :Costa Rica
Region: Turrialba
Farm: Aquiares Estate
Producer: Diego Robelo
Varietal:H1 (Hybird)
Altitude: 1200-1400m
Grade: SHB EP
Process: Flower Cultural (flower yeast fermentation)

Cupping notes:
Aroma/Fragrance: Floral, sugar cane
Flavour: Apricot, sugar cane, pomegranate, sherry wine,
red apple while cold, jasmine aftertaste